Technical Assignment for Powder Coating Line

Please fill out the Technical Assignment (TA) in good faith. This will allow us to design the most optimal powder coating line and achieve the lowest cost of painting your products. Learn more about composing the TA and why we need this initial data.

Information about the company

Company name

Compiler of the Technical Assignment

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Information About Coated Products

You may have a large assortment of details to paint. There is no need to indicate all the details separately in the table. It is better to specify the painting program in one of two ways:

  1. Combine details by main size groups, for example: small, medium and large parts. It is enough to indicate 3 - 5 size groups, indicating the total number of parts in each group.
  2. Alternatively, you can specify the painting program using hypothetical conditional suspension. The dimensions of these conditional suspension are determined by the maximum dimensions of the detail. It's necessary to "fit" the entire product range within the dimensions of these maximum suspension and specify the required quantity.

Detail №{{index + 1}}

Part Name
Material (steel type)
Production program, pcs. per month
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Weight, kg
Square, m²
Wall thickness, mm

Surface preparation before painting

Chemical surface preparation is carried out in a spray tunnel with consecutive stages of treatment. This is the most critical technological stage that determines the resistance and durability of the final coating. Learn more about it here.

Please specify the required standard processing cycle:

Amorphous iron phosphating
Crystalline zinc phosphating
Preparation cycle for aluminum

If you're unsure about the choice of the cycle, then please specify:

Product operating conditions
Warranty period of operation, years

Production premises in which the painting line is planned to be located

Room dimensions

Length, m
Width, m
Height, m

Please attach a layout of the workshop in electronic DWG format, indicating the grid of existing columns. Also, specify the preferred location of conveyor loading/unloading zones for convenient logistics of workpiece and painted product flows.


Energy carrier type

Operating mode of the enterprise

Number of working days in a month
Number of work shifts per day
Number of hours per shift
Number of used colors
Color change frequency per month

Additional wishes for equipment

Additional wishes

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