About Us

We help to improve the quality and reduce the cost of the polymer coating during the mass production of any metal products covered with powder paint.

Our specialization 

  • Complex supply of powder coating lines

    For introduce automated powder coating lines for serial production of any metal products

  • Recuperators of exhaust heat

    To return the heat of flue gases for technological needs or heating and hot water supply

  • Regenerators of chemical solutions

    To increase the degree of use of chemical reagents in closed cycles, clean the wash water and working solutions

  • Gas generators from solid fuel

    For replace natural gas with generator synthesis gas from solid fuel, which allows you to save up to 55% on the cost of heat

  • Ecological cleanliness of wasteless technologies

    We help the most rational use of energy and resources without harmful impact on the environment

REASONABLE CHOICE — is a new type of lean eco-friendly thinking. Which is based on the principles of producing high-quality long-lasting products with effective waste-free technologies.


Our main resource is rich experience and valuable knowledge. We bring together the world's best experts in polymer coating technology, heat engineering, wastewater treatment, alternative energy sources, industrial ventilation and other areas of activity.

Our partners

In our integrated solutions, we use the technological components of the world's best manufacturers of equipment and consumables. The main selection criteria are the economic and environmental feasibility of the application.

We are not reinventing the wheel, but rather selecting the best existing technological modules and combining them in new combinations, automating the process, and creating unique products that enhance the efficiency of the technologies.

When working with partners, we have the ability to clearly define technical specifications for suppliers of individual components and assemblies. This enables us to integrate all the components into a comprehensive solution with minimal costs.

Our clients

These are mass consumer goods manufacturers who make our lives more comfortable: furniture, household appliances, commercial equipment, aluminum profiles, building structures, agricultural machinery, and much more.

We provide cost-effective application of polymer coatings, enhance aesthetic appeal, and protect the painted products for many years.

Cooperation scheme

We are delighted to collaborate with forward-thinking entrepreneurs who genuinely care about their consumers, continuously improve their products, and have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

The simplified interaction scheme is as follows:

  • 01.

    We process the preliminary inquiry, clarify all questions, gather factual data to form a clear technical specification.

  • 02.

    We develop the most optimal solution, providing technical and economic justification and equipment payback periods.

  • 03.

    We implement equipment with maximum efficiency and ensure its ideal technical condition for decades, thereby increasing our clients' profitability.

We would be delighted to help owners of manufacturing enterprises enhance product quality and boost profitability by optimizing resource and energy-saving technologies. Learn more about cooperation.